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Cross Border Rentals Across East Africa

Camping in East Africa

Uganda is a safe country and welcomes visitors and tourists from different countries. You can either opt for Uganda car hire with driver or self-driving.  Driving yourself in Uganda to different destinations is easy and enjoyable.

We also allow visitors who prefer to drive from Uganda to Neighboring countries, it is easy and we provide you with information and what is necessary to Cross borders. The prices changes depending on where you prefer to go, whether Kenya, Rwanda or Tanzania.

Our cars are good and they have what is needed for the car to move on the road in Uganda and also other neighboring countries. It is not allowed to cross with the car without informing the office. We need you to inform us prior when inquiring and let us know the countries you prefer to visit.

Clients on Long rentals crossing countries are advised to rent a strong car that can manage even bad trails in different national parks, It is necessary to go with a Jerycan to put fuel for reserve. Prices for fuel also tend to change in different countries.

It is better to have the Itinerary of how you will travel country per country and the number of days you will spend in each country. It will help put down what you prefer to visit and manage the number of days you will spend on safari.

Having your itinerary will also help you to have the estimated Budget in your mind. There you will be able to travel with enough money to visit all what is on your bucket list. It is possible to visit Uganda’s neighboring countries on self drive, or with a driver. The all-inclusive safari is also possible.

Book prior the accommodation in each country, this will save you from contacting most of the lodges when they are full, or not to find the type of the room you want. Some months are high season; you need to also book some activities prior like Gorilla tracking.

East African countries has many attractions to offer, where by different activities are done, for instance, game drives, primates tracking, birding, cruising, Mountaineering, Horse riding, Biking, Cultural visits, Volcano Hiking, Rafting, Bungee jumping, Zip lining etc.

You can start and finish the safari in any of the country, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya or Tanzania.  English is spoken in those countries and also if you prefer a driver guide who knows Spanish, Italy or Germany etc. we can provide. Just inquire to our Consultant by sending us an inquiry, include what you want, you will get the information and service at affordable rates.

Some clients after visiting other East African countries, they prefer to Visit Zanzibar and end their vacation there relaxing on water. It is also possible to relax on the waters in Uganda, Kenya and etc.

Trust us with your trip and all will be done up to your expectation. We can book for you activities, accommodation, give you necessary paper work for the car to cross just in case you are to visit more than one country with the rented car.

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