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The Best Beaches of Namibia – Experience Unspoiled Nature

Namibia Beaches

Namibia has an extensive Atlantic coastline. And whereas this coastline includes hundreds of miles of golden beach sand, the country’s enormous size relative to its small population (second least densely populated country in the world) has meant most beaches are desolate with virtually no infrastructure or service.

Of course, such remote beaches far removed from civilization may be just what some travelers may be looking for. The three top beach destinations in Namibia are:

  • Swakopmund – This coastal town is the most popular beach vacation destination for Namibians during local holidays. The fingerprints of past German occupation are all over the town and especially in the old colonial buildings. The beach sands are warm but the water is cold, as is typical for the Atlantic Ocean. Kite and wind surfing are some of the more popular water sports.
  • Walvis Bay – Walvis Bay is a larger coastal town that’s just 35 kilometers from Swakopmund. Many tourists going to Swakopmund will often do so via either Walvis Bay or Windhoek. Walvis Bay is best known as Namibia’s sole commercial port. While it does not boast the type of beaches that Swakopmund has, the waves in the lagoon south of the port are ideal for water sports such as kite surfing.
  • Luderitz – Luderitz is further south and has a reputation for strong winds. The water is cold so swimming is not that popular. However, Luderitz is a short boat ride away from thriving seal and flamingo colonies.
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