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Meet the Best of Ghana Team

President of Ghana Meets Best of Ghana Team

The ‘BEST OF GHANA’ is poised to tell a great African story for itself. Ghana is a leading example of African success and stringent governance. Its success has stemmed from good leadership meeting commitment from the people –and watered with the innate endowments of this exceptional land.

The inaugural edition of ‘BEST OF GHANA’ captures the spirit of the country and her people. It is only through the stories of the people and their successes that the whole picture can be shared. As a showcase for this success – the book is shared with the world on the Global Village platform, in a unique and timeless format.

This yearly publication is part of the Global Village Partnerships publishing model that now extends across over 50 countries. To complement the readership of our print model we are also present on www.GVPedia.com and the www.ProudlyAfrican.info portal where millions of international readers have access to a virtual copy of ‘BEST OF GHANA’ in eBook format.

This is a visual celebration of Ghana’s diverse achievements, successes and potential.
Our sincere thanks must go to the participants showcased in our very first edition; representing the ‘BEST OF’ in their respective fields.

We hope that ‘BEST OF GHANA’ will inspire new visitors and investors to the country.

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