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Best of Botswana Vol. 3 Presented to the Botswana Vice President

Botswana Vice President

On 18 February 2013, the Vice President of Botswana, Dr Ponatshego Honorius Kefaeng Kedikilwe, was presented with a copy of the Best of Botswana Volume 3 by Global Village Africa Publisher Thapelo Letsholo.
The honourable Vice President signed a copy for Global Village Africa as follows: “The positive spirit and vision through this piece of artistic and pictorial presentation should be a source of inspiration and patriotic favour for future generations and positivity.”

Foreword by His Honour the Vice President Dr Ponatshego H. K. Kedikilwe

The celebration of Botswana’s successes continues in this third volume of Best of Botswana. The books are becoming a constant reminder of all that we have achieved as a nation; and in return, inspiring us to continue growing and developing. By showcasing ongoing successes, Best of Botswana circulates the stories which further inspire positive action.

The progression and adaption of each volume tracks the progress of the country. From the last issue, Best of Botswana notably introduced a Sustainability and CSR Chapter. This helps to celebrate the strides made in the sector – which we as the government of Botswana are most proud.

The introduction of an Entrepreneurship Chapter, giving upcoming entrepreneurs the chance to be recognised, is a vital component of a project of this magnitude. Entrepreneurship and SMMEs are an important part of our economy and is a rapidly growing sector.

Best of Botswana Volume 3 is making a valuable contribution to our efforts of economic diversification. Economic Diversification Drive is a vision of which we are in constant pursuit and which we are advancing towards. Detailing and exposing the array of Botswana sectors making waves in the region speaks volumes about the burgeoning success of the economic diversification programmes. The true heroes of this success story are the Batswana people who explored new arenas and become pioneers in business and trade.

The story of our great nation’s growth is being revealed before our eyes in these unique collector’s volumes. The showcase of Botswana in the highest resolution helps remind us of all that we have worked to achieve. Sharing these achievements with the rest of the world provides us with a rare moment of reflection, to sit back and enjoy the spoils of Botswana through the vibrant colours and voices evoked through these pages.

Paging through Best of Botswana Volume 3, the shared values of leadership, integrity, commitment, collaboration, and accountability which we are promoting as part of the Vision 2016, are already so evident in Botswana’s entrepreneurs and businessmen and women.

I hope you will be as inspired by Best of Botswana Volume 3 as I am.

Yours Sincerely

Dr Ponatshego H. K. Kedikilwe, PH, MP,

Vice President of the Republic of Botswana


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