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Top 10 Animals to Spot on Safari


No matter where you look on a safari you’ll be amazed with the wonders which surround you, and although there will be a wide variety of animals just a few meters away, there are specific creatures that are on the list of most safari enthusiasts. Here’s a list of the top 10 “must see” animals which will make any safari worthwhile.

1. Lion

Flying in at first place is the lion, also known as the king of the jungle. When you hear them roaring during the night or the day, you will be amazed at how loud and powerful they actually are – don’t worry about not hearing the lion snarls or roars as they can be heard for 5 miles around. It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the females hunting while their cubs are jumping around their feet, nibbling at each other ears.

2. Elephant

The elephant is the largest land animal on earth and you will be stunned by the sheer size and presence of these creatures, not only on the first time you see them, but every time to come. Elephants play a vital role in the survival of other species by digging waterholes in dry riverbeds, spread seeds through theirs fiscal matter and their trails act as fire breaks on the landscape, and they do all this on only 2 hours sleep in a 24 hour period…and that is why they have received second place on the list.

3. Rhino

There are only a few species of Rhino left on earth that look prehistoric with their oversized bodies, folded leathers skin, elongated heads and large horns, as described Rhinos are something you just need to see to understand how impressive they really are. A rhino sighting is always special and as you look in awe your heart will definitely skip a beat.

4. Mountain Gorillas

Gorillas are highly intelligent, they can laugh, grieve, have close family bonds and form emotional attachments with each other – sound similar? That’s because Gorillas share 95-99% of their DNA with us. Despite their intimidating appearance they are actually gentle, loving creatures, and watching them interact in their family groups, playing, eating and squabbling is one of the most fascinating and rewarding wildlife encounters you will ever experience.

5. Giraffe

The giraffe is the tallest of all land animals and the largest ruminant. Giraffes have long held the interest of their human admirers and were considered by Arab prophets as the ‘queen of the beasts’ because of their delicate features and graceful poise. With a tongue of around 2 feet they don’t really need any other reason to make the top 5.

6. Hippos

Spending most of their days keeping cool in the water or mud hippos are semi aquatic animals. The appearance of a hippo is mind boggling, as they resemble large pigs but are in fact related to the whale species, and despite their large appearance they could easily out run a human, so you better keep your whit’s about you!

7. Crocodile

As mentioned before prehistoric animals are a wonderful thing to witness, so why would you want to miss out on one of the most prehistoric looking animals on the planet? Despite this ancient appearance they are biologically complex and have a cerebral cortex a four chambered heart and a functional diaphragm. One amazing experience, although tense, is watching as they ambush and catch their prey, their powerful gnashing jaws pulling their victims under water, yes this may seem tragic, but it definitely is a once in a life time opportunity.

8. Cheetahs

Reaching speeds of up to 70 miles per hour when hunting, and being able to accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 63 seconds the cheetah in the fastest land animals, this fact alone is enough to explain why the cheetah is a must see animal on a safari. These cats need land and space an d seeing one in action is an incredible sight.

9. Leopards

The elusive leopards are one of the shyest and least sociable animals in the animal kingdom but are still opportunistic hunters and are highly adaptable. Watching a Leopard carry its prey up a tree is a fantastic sight and one of the best opportunities you could hope for. Yes, the leopard may be the smallest of the big cats but they definitely make up for that in their beauty and grace.

10. Wild Dogs

Wild dogs as their name suggests are wild animals that can never be tamed. They live in packs of around 6-20 and are highly intelligent and sociable. One of the most fascinating sights is the bond they display before a hunt; the group begins mingling within the group, vocalising and touching each other, working each other up into a frenzy of excitement. Sadly, these animals are highly endangered.

So there you have it the top 10 animals you should be looking out for when on your safari travels, look out of their behaviours and their unique ways, and don’t forget to take a camera. It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice just take as many shots as you like (or read our guide to taking photos on safari), that way these moments can live with you forever, not that they will ever leave your mind!

Cross Border Rentals Across East Africa

Camping in East Africa

Uganda is a safe country and welcomes visitors and tourists from different countries. You can either opt for Uganda car hire with driver or self-driving.  Driving yourself in Uganda to different destinations is easy and enjoyable.

We also allow visitors who prefer to drive from Uganda to Neighboring countries, it is easy and we provide you with information and what is necessary to Cross borders. The prices changes depending on where you prefer to go, whether Kenya, Rwanda or Tanzania.

Our cars are good and they have what is needed for the car to move on the road in Uganda and also other neighboring countries. It is not allowed to cross with the car without informing the office. We need you to inform us prior when inquiring and let us know the countries you prefer to visit.

Clients on Long rentals crossing countries are advised to rent a strong car that can manage even bad trails in different national parks, It is necessary to go with a Jerycan to put fuel for reserve. Prices for fuel also tend to change in different countries.

It is better to have the Itinerary of how you will travel country per country and the number of days you will spend in each country. It will help put down what you prefer to visit and manage the number of days you will spend on safari.

Having your itinerary will also help you to have the estimated Budget in your mind. There you will be able to travel with enough money to visit all what is on your bucket list. It is possible to visit Uganda’s neighboring countries on self drive, or with a driver. The all-inclusive safari is also possible.

Book prior the accommodation in each country, this will save you from contacting most of the lodges when they are full, or not to find the type of the room you want. Some months are high season; you need to also book some activities prior like Gorilla tracking.

East African countries has many attractions to offer, where by different activities are done, for instance, game drives, primates tracking, birding, cruising, Mountaineering, Horse riding, Biking, Cultural visits, Volcano Hiking, Rafting, Bungee jumping, Zip lining etc.

You can start and finish the safari in any of the country, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya or Tanzania.  English is spoken in those countries and also if you prefer a driver guide who knows Spanish, Italy or Germany etc. we can provide. Just inquire to our Consultant by sending us an inquiry, include what you want, you will get the information and service at affordable rates.

Some clients after visiting other East African countries, they prefer to Visit Zanzibar and end their vacation there relaxing on water. It is also possible to relax on the waters in Uganda, Kenya and etc.

Trust us with your trip and all will be done up to your expectation. We can book for you activities, accommodation, give you necessary paper work for the car to cross just in case you are to visit more than one country with the rented car.

Why Rwanda Remains the Best Gorilla Safari Destination

Gorilla Safari

Gorilla trekking through Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park and Virunga Mountains is one of the world’s most sought after wildlife experiences. It’s also one of the greatest, and responsible tours here have contributed to the growing numbers of mountain gorillas.

Africa’s easiest and most accessible gorilla trekking is the main draw card of a Rwandan safari. After arriving at the capital city of Kigali, you are only a few hours’ drive away from the legendary Volcanoes National Park and its habituated but still wild gorilla families.

It was on the bamboo-covered slopes of Rwanda’s Virunga Volcanoes that the late Dian Fossey studied the behavior of the endangered mountain gorilla for 20 years, followed by the filmmakers who shot Gorillas in the Mist. Now small groups of privileged visitors can experience one of the most memorable wildlife encounters on earth – gorilla trekking through the pristine Virungas rainforest. Her work really was the beginning of the habituation process of gorillas, a process that still happens today, during which gorillas adjust to small and very strictly controlled numbers of tourists coming in to observe them.

Mountain gorillas only live in the dense vegetation of Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park and along the dormant volcanic Virunga mountain range that stretches across Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park & Uganda’s Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, and Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Why Gorillas are among the best tours in Rwanda?

Easy Accessibility

In terms of accessibility for gorilla trekking, Rwanda is easier than Uganda. Rwanda is a far smaller country than Uganda, which means it’s a short journey by road from the capital of Kigali to Volcanoes National Park and Rwanda has better roads.

Many visitors still choose the park because of its location near the capital Kigali. Some visitors have found safari bookings in Rwanda more straight forward. Some also claim that the roads in Rwanda are better and that the gorillas are easier to find.

The Volcanoes National Park is only two hours’ drive on tarmac road from Kigali and the international airport. For one visit to the gorillas, you will need a minimum of two nights’ stay, and three nights would be ideal.

Safe & Security

Rwanda is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world when it comes to tourism. The chances of being mugged or stolen in Rwanda may be lower than in your own country. Security is tight in Rwanda and police can be seen almost everywhere. Security in the national parks is equally tight and there are almost no cases of poaching in Rwanda today. Rebel elements from neighboring countries have no chance in the Volcanoes National Park given the heavy military and police presence.  How about you the tourists? All tourists are escorted with armed rangers while tracking the gorillas.

Fossey Fund trackers and researchers protect and study roughly half of all the mountain gorillas in Rwanda, with the other half protected by the Rwandan national park authorities.

Peaceful Creatures

Mountain gorillas are very calm and peaceful creatures considering their size and strength. They are often referred to as “the gentle giants of the forest”. Gorillas are generally known to be gentle, peaceful and friend primates, and that the mere fact that they share 98% of their DNA with human beings only proves that they are more like us. Gorillas are social animals and only become aggressive towards humans when they feel threatened.

Gorilla trekking is absolutely worth the money, effort & time spent. Travellers that have experienced gorilla trekking will definitely agree with me that the experience of coming face-to-face with these gentle giants is very worth every effort, money and time put to planning the gorilla trekking holiday.

More Habituated Families

There are currently ten main groups that can be tracked in Rwanda; the Susa, Sabyinyo, Amahoro, Umubano, Hirwa, Kwitonda, Karisimbi, Agashya, Bwenge and Ugende

The groups vary in number from around 9 to 39 individuals and all currently have at least one silverback male. Of the seven groups, there are a couple that tend to be found on the saddle between Mount Sabyinyo and Mount Gahinga which is around a two hour walk from the park entrance.

Whilst it is not possible to book a permit for a specific group, your chances of having a shorter walk are higher than in Uganda. Nothing is guaranteed though and you may find yourself tracking a group such as the Susa, first studied by Diane Fossey and often found on the slopes of Mount Visoke, a five-hour hike away. 

Availability of Permits

Despite the higher cost of a gorilla tour in Rwanda, permits must be obtained to visit the gorillas and, as only eight are granted per gorilla group each day, they are extremely limited.

We will secure permits for you as far in advance as possible and at least four months before you intend to travel. The permits currently cost around US$1500 per person, which entitles you to one hour with the mountain gorillas. This money goes toward conservation of the habitat, anti-poaching efforts and education of the local communities.

Rwanda has more than twice the number of habituated mountain gorilla groups than Uganda and so permits are generally more easily available.

Majority Gorillas live in Rwanda

The Virunga Mountains spanning the borders of Uganda, DRC and Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park are home to over 600 mountain gorillas. Rwanda, known as the Land of a Thousand Hills, is one of the best places to see mountain gorillas.

Tracking gorillas in Rwanda is safe and relatively accessible. At the latest count, there are approximately 1,000 mountain gorillas in the wild, with 604 in the Virunga Massif. The population is slowly increasing, thanks to concerted efforts between our governments, communities and NGOs.

Proper Health of Gorillas

Gorillas that come into contact with humans can be vulnerable to human diseases, which gorillas experience in more severe forms. Mountain gorillas can even die from the common cold. However, studies have found that mountain gorillas that are regularly habituated with researchers and tourists have survived better than unvisited gorillas; they benefit from the greater protection available in those areas and from regular monitoring. Increased survival is also largely due to better veterinary care of sick and injured gorillas.

Tourists are allowed to be in the presence of the mountain gorillas for strictly one hour, which is intended to minimize chances of disease, spread from the human’s to mountain gorillas. There are high chances of disease spread from humans to the gorillas because about 98%of their DNA is similar to humans.

In conclusion, Rwanda Gorilla trekking tour is designed for visitors who are probably ready to come and visit in Rwanda and want to go for a tour of the Gorilla families in the Volcanoes National Park. All these are the reasons as to why Gorilla safari is still one of the best tours in Rwanda.

How To Hire a Car in Uganda

Car Rental in Uganda

Hiring a Car is a wonderful, stress-free and surprisingly cost-effective way to discover Uganda (the Pearl of Africa). For travelers that desire freedom or to make their travel experiences more convenient and memorable, hiring a car in Uganda is the way to go. Whether you wish to undertake a safari, get around the City, transfer to/from the Airport, especially in areas were public transportation is scarse.

If you are undertaking a wildlife safari in Uganda, you will find hiring a Car to be more convenient, flexible and full of freedom as you will feel free to make stops at unplanned places for photography, leg stretching or answer the calls of Nature, something you won’t have when using a bus or Taxi.

However, in as much as hiring a Car is a wonderful way of discovering this beautiful country, some travelers still don’t know the nitty gritty of hiring Cars in Uganda and we are here to ease the process. Therefore, how do you hire a Car in Uganda?

Before we take you through the simple process on how to hire a Car in Uganda, it is worth noting that Uganda is a safe destination for self-drive tours and you will most likely enjoy your road trip and leave Uganda desiring for more.

Book for the Car in advance

Booking for the Car early enough will save you last minute disappointments (as you fail to get the desired Car), save you from spending more than expected and allow you to plan for the trip. Just like you do with accommodation and flights, we recommend booking for the Rental Car at least 6 months in advance and you can even do this online prior to your arrival into Uganda instead of waiting to walk-in the Company offices when you are already in the country. Anyone who has hired Cars before will tell you that booking in advance (via telephone or online) is less costly.

Imagine the disappointment of finding that your Car of choice has been hired out by the Car Rental Company, then the only available options are more expensive that you had budgeted for. Therefore, avoid hefty Car Hire rates by making your booking at least 6 months before your arrival into the country.

Choose a credible Car Rental Company

There are numerous Car rental Companies in Uganda and across the borders through which you can hire your dream Car via telephone, online or physically in their offices. Some of these Companies have offices at Entebbe International Airport and in major Towns (especially Kampala, Entebbe and possibly Mbarara) where you can pick your Car or have it delivered to you. However, as there are many Companies, there are also many fraudsters and therefore before you choose the Car Rental Company to book with, there are a number of things you will need to consider and these include reviews from past travelers (via TripAdvisor, and Google reviews) where you will find information on other travelers’ travel experiences. From this information, you will have a general overview of the Company with the best terms and conditions or rates.

Another factor to consider while searching and choosing Car rental Companies is the location whereby we advise our clients to always find out the rental rates in different places. For instance, a car will be cheaper when hired from the City than at/close to the Airport.

Compare Car Hire Rates and policies/or terms and Conditions

Having checked a number of Car Hire Companies, the next thing to do is to compare them in terms of rates (how much particular Car types/categories cost) as well as their terms and Conditions. Rates usually vary from one Car Rental Company to the other and besides that, take your time to read through their terms and Conditions (especially issues to do with mileage, administrative fees and Insurance covers)

Car Hire with Border Crossing in East Africa

Cross Border Car Rental in Uganda

Uganda has many tourist attractions and a client can even spend a month exploring what it has to offer, the same way the neighboring countries also have what they offer to tourists. These include Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Hiring a car to travel in Uganda and combining with neighboring countries is possible, Rent a car in Uganda with us and travel to East African countries without any restrictions. We shall advise you accordingly and give you the necessary paper work for the car to cross,

The rental can be done by self-driving or going with a driver guide. Most clients explore wildlife in Uganda and then cross to Rwanda for gorilla tracking. Others do Double gorilla tracking in Uganda and Rwanda.

Kenya and Tanzania offers the diversity of wildlife in some of their parks like Masai Mara and Serengeti. Clients enjoy the beast migration, different other attractions and then come to Uganda for primates. This type of rental gives chance to Enjoy different attractions in each country.

Clients opt to go with rooftop tent for long rental such that they visit each and every country with no rush and limitations of all inclusive safari. When crossing borders you will need to Buy COMESA.

Self-driving or car hires will give you freedom to start with any country you prefer. Some clients start with Kenya or Tanzania and end with Uganda or Vice Versa and others starts in Uganda and Ends in Rwanda or Vice versa.

In case a client is to visit National parks both in Uganda and the neighboring countries, a suitable car will be suggested to him or her which can manage the Terrain in some of the parks.

It is possible to rent a car and then drop it in another country. Our driver can pick the car and return it to office or it is possible to start from another country. Just inquire with us and everything will be handled properly.

Rwanda has Volcano national park, Akagera national park and Nyungwe National park, Then Kenya has Masai mara, Tsavo East, Tsavo west, Amboseli and others. Then Tanzania has Serengeti, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Arusha National park etc.

Luxury Car Rental Service in Uganda

Car Rental in Uganda

The way of traveling has changed no matter the comfort, and self-drive has become the most trending. Luxury means comfort of highest degree, can this also happen with car rental? Of course, all starts with what you like. Renting a luxury trip on Uganda self-drive is very possible provided you get all that you wished. So, besides the comfort, renting a luxurious car rental fleet bargains for privacy and freedom of traveling. When opting to drive throughout a country with such uncompromising style, there a number of fleets to consider.

Do opted for the luxury car rental and drive in Uganda? Yes, there numerous comparisons to select from. Renting a car for either a self-drive or with a driver has taken another course in Uganda for the last 10 years. With a growth in the travel industry, there are several number of car rental companies that have tended to propose wider range car rentals among which include the luxurious selections. A posh self-drive in Uganda is now made possible with variety of 4×4 car rental for a remarkable pearl of Africa drive.

A luxurious car rental adventure comprises of various services used and among the considerations include transportation and accommodations mainly. Renting a luxurious car rental is a shift which makes a classification in travelers among which are the Luxury travelers, Mid-range travelers and budget travelers. So, all classifications can be catered in respective to one drawn probe.

Below in this article we draw considerations to look through when opting for a luxury car rental services in Uganda.

Renting a luxury car rental with a driver

Some moments in luxury means to have that vibe of real comfort. Travel like a boss, when renting a car with luxury in simple terms means unconditioned comfort. So, when on a luxury trip and opting to hire a car, it means you just want to travel in an adventurous comfortable way. Go for a luxury car rental and cruise around like a boss, with this consideration one comfortably enjoys the behind seat, only be like a boss. Luxury car rental services in Uganda mainly comes with a driver to ensure uncompromised freedom of traveling like a boss.

However, one’s motive of renting a car is taking a self-drive, then should possess a valid international driving license. But it’s also important to note that mainly luxury car rental services with a lot rental agencies/operators are available only with a driver. This depends much on which car one opts to hire for a luxury self-drive. There’re odds of having a luxury car hire on a self-drive, but should note that these vehicles are have tracker locaters but this doesn’t interfere with one freedom of cruising around.

Best luxury car rentals for self-drive in Uganda

With wider range of car rental fleets presented, there are limited space for luxury car rental for self-drive. However, with the company driver, then you can get around any kind of the vehicle in the rental fleets. Considering various motives of renting a car, let it be wedding, honey moon, educational, volunteering, charity or an adventure trip. All presented luxury mode rentals have a touch of comfort.

The considerate Luxury car hire fleets include Land cruiser V8 GX, and Land Rover defender are accommodating for solo and groups of about 4 travelers. And for group travelers of 5 plus can consider taking a land cruiser 70 series (hardtop), Toyota Haice (drone) and luxurious coasters for a bigger groups.

Reserving a Luxury car rental for self-drive

It’s a call away and you have your vehicle. Or through the reservation desk, just draw your inquiry, and be very sure with the right specifications of the vehicle to want. The best way to rent vehicles is basing at you comfort office, home in your residing country and browsing through endless list of car rental for the convenient online.  Whenever making an inquiry on car rental make let all your request be made for full. To ensure that luxurious car rental it’s advisable to make installment payments in advance.

It’s not guaranteed that all car rental agencies can offer that superfluid luxurious car rental. When the purpose is an African adventure on the land of the pearl of Africa then it’s advisable to reflect on hiring a 4×4 car rental which camouflage the holly, muddy and stony roads of the upcountry remotest places and the fitting fleets are the 4×4 Land cruiser V8, land cruiser hardtop, Land Rover, Haice drone (Van) are perfect.

Inclusive on a luxury car hire in Uganda?

With is unconditioned luxury requirement, to keep you getting the best of and a certain form of comfort, then the vehicle must something special on board. The vehicle can come along with an electric fledge, airbus spacious seating chairs that even adjust for relaxing, stronger shock sobers, charging space, functioning air conditioner, pop-up for safari vehicles, well experienced drivers.

Long Term Car Rental in East Africa


Looking for budget long term car rental in East Africa? You have come to the right place. We offer well serviced rental cars to corporate organizations, Honey moon lovers, Private tourists, Family groups as well as car services for a long period of time ranging from 20 days, months to years. We offer huge discounts to clients wishing to rent a car in these countries for over 20 days to year ensuring we get you a well serviced, clean car along with a professional driver to ensure you and your cargo get where they are going safely and comfortably. Whether it’s a field operation, construction project, conference meetings or any other related business.

East Africa represents Africa’s beauty with a wide number of untamed wildlife reserves that attracts many tourists all over the world. In Uganda and Rwanda, we find the only world’s last remaining population of the critically endangered mountain gorillas, inhabited in Volcanoes National Park (Rwanda), Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, and Mgahinga National park in Uganda. Among other areas of interest in Uganda. Kenya and Tanzania are famous for the wildebeest migration that attracts thousands of Visitors into Masai Mara National Park in Kenya and Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Book a very reliable car with Self-drive East Africa and explore all the hidden treasures of East Africa in a self-guided adventure.

Uganda is a relatively small country; it is a little destination that is often toured by road. With some sealed highways radiating from Kampala, the capital of Uganda to regional towns, there is a growing number of travelers who explore the country on self-drive adventures. Kenya a country of great diversity, both physically and culturally, Kenya is one of Africa’s most popular destinations for very good reason. With blissful Indian Ocean beaches, craggy mountains, lush forests and wildlife-rich savannahs, there are endless beautiful places to visit in Kenya.

Tanzania from vast wilderness to lush green islands and from the Big 5 game to colorful corals, the East African country of Tanzania is known for its vivid wildlife, and rich aquatic life. Home to numerous islands, and monumental structures, the tropical town of Zanzibar also boasts of some of the most thrilling adventure sports, and alluring places to visit in Tanzania. Rwanda is the smallest country in East Africa. Like its neighbor in the North Uganda, it’s also a land locked country and has no Sea port. It is bordered by countries like Uganda in the north, Burundi in the south, Tanzania in the east and DR Congo in the west.

Take on a road trip with a rental car for long term where you have free mileage and insurance. We keep our vehicles serviced making them roadworthy.  This is because they go off-road and longer distances. Go camping with a Rooftop tent on a 4×4 Land Cruiser on your road trip.

Long term rental days

The minimum number of days you need to qualify for a long term car hire status is often 20 days and above.

Toyota Land cruiser cars for Long term car rental

Toyota Land Cruisers are the most common 4×4 for hire in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda for Long Term Car rental at Budget/cheaper rates. If you are looking to hire your Toyota favorite for a safari, long term corporate job, Self-drive East Africa has a solution for you.  We hire out as many 4WD Toyota Land Cruisers including Extended land cruisers, Land cruiser LX, Land cruiser V8, respectively as required by you.

Hire a car with a driver/Guide

The best guided safaris are those where you design the itinerary by yourself and simply have someone drive you to all your desired locations. We have our own professional driver guides who come along with cars that are not offered for self-drive safaris.

Pickups and Drop offs

Pickups refer to the point from which your journey starts from. In some cases, it is the airport, hotel, car rental offices, or any other agreed place. For this reason, companies charge for pick up fees in areas outside their usual official pick up depending on the company policies.

Drop offs are the final destination in your journey. They also follow the same policies just like the pickups; in instances where you are dropping off the car in the company’s official drop off point, there are often no extra charges. However, whenever you drop the car outside the company’s officials drop offs, you will be charged a drop off fee dependent on the area of drop off.

Benefits of long term car rental in East Africa

  1. Zero Maintenance

If you were to drive your own vehicle into town, you’d be responsible for all insurance, maintenance, and documentation. But, when you choose a long-term rental vehicle, that responsibility lies with the rental car company. Furthermore, this means that you’re completely covered should you be in an accident or if the vehicle needs maintenance.

  1. Flexibility

Depending on the duration of your stay, you can return the car whenever you want. On the flip side, if you’re extending your trip, then the rental agreement can be extended to accommodate your plans. You can also change vehicles to accommodate your passengers. If you need something smaller, then stop by. If you need something larger, we’ve also got you covered.

  1. Discounted Rates

If you are running a project for 1 month to a year or more, then opting for a long term car rental option is the best choice to meet the success of your trip or project. Rwanda car rental prefer to make clients on long term rental very comfortable and are hence offered discounted rates compared to those on weekly and daily rentals. Discover that you can save a percentage on your rental price when you choose to opt for a long term car rental option.

  1. Comfort

Hiring a car for longer days allows you take your adventures at your own pace, no need to be dictated by bus and train times, waiting for the train or bus can be a hassle if your plan doesn’t go smoothly.  The car can become an overflow of your adventure and with it, always being close by you can store your bits and pieces inside. Renting a car also gives you that comfort to move around, you can dance along with the tune on the radio, talk to each other in a volume that you want or slouch and be as comfortable as you want.

  1. Meets Your Need

Long term car rentals allow you to make a vehicle choice depending on what specific needs you may have.  Whether you are going away as a family and a need a minibus or larger car, or need a van as part of your business operations through the summer months you can count on us (4×4@selfdriveeastafrica.com).

  1. Wide range of fleet selection

When you are to request for a long term rental, then you have the advantage of even selecting a preferred car option for your time of rental and you can as well to change the type of car in use to a different type with upgrade with same rate. Many clients send in and specify their particular car type and this is delivered to them since they will need it for quite a long term. We would not want to make a client uncomfortable with car types not asked for.

  1. Full Rental Management

With long term rental option, you have full car rental management from start to end of your rental period. Manage every movement of the car including driving time, distance, and mileage at your pace with no added money.

  1. Home, Hotel and Airport delivery service

Besides that, the home delivery service is available in specific downtown locations with long term rental. You can request the car to be delivered to your home, hotel, Airport address after the booking is made. Our advice for this would be to contact the car rental company beforehand to see if they have a home, hotel or airport delivery option.


To have unmatched experience make sure to start with Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya. You can choose one, two or combine three countries, since these nations share borders, a combined self-drive trip is more possible on a long term. A drive through East Africa exposes you to lots of adventure that will make your trip memorable when renting a car rental for longer days.

Sam Nujoma: Namibia’s First President and “Father of the Nation”

Sam Nujoma

Namibian politician Samuel Daniel Shafiishuna Nujoma was born to the Ovambo ethnic group on 12 May 1929 in northern Namibia at Etunda village in Ongandjera, the Omusati region. He was at the helm of the SWAPO for 47 years – from its founding in 1960 throughout its long struggle against South African rule and into independence. He became the first President of Namibia from 1990 to 2005 when Namibia gained independence on 21 March 1990. He was re-elected in 1994 and 1999 and remained in office until March 2005.


From his humble beginnings as a railway worker, Nujoma co-founded the political party Ovamboland People’s Organisation in the late 1950s, which then became SWAPO in 1960. The role of SWAPO was to bring independence from South African apartheid rule to the Namibian people. As president of SWAPO, Nujoma unsuccessfully pleaded with the United Nations for years to ensure the release of South African control. He then took matters into his own hands and formed an armed resistance in 1966 which started the Namibian War of Independence, lasting 24 years. During this time, Nujoma became known as “Shafiishuna” which means lightning.

Namibian President
Nujoma went into exile for almost 30 years where he continued to organise the struggle until 1989 when he returned to assume presidency. The United Nations supervised the elections which unanimously heralded Nujoma as Namibia’s first president and he was sworn in by UN Secretary-General Javier Pérez de Cuéllar on 21 March 1990.

During his presidency, the ever-energetic Nujoma skilfully tackled issues of education, housing, medical care, and international economic competitiveness. He ran a liberal-democracy and a largely free enterprise economy. He focused on a policy of ‘national reconciliation’ in an effort to create ethnic harmony within Namibia. As president, Nujoma held no animosity towards South Africa in his economic dealings with the country.

Hifekepunye Pohamba succeeded Nujoma as President of Namibia on 21 March 2005 and when Nujoma relinquished his role as head of SWAPO in 2007, he stated that he was “passing the torch and mantle of leadership to comrade Pohamba”. He was given the honorary titles of Leader of the Namibian Revolution as well as Founding Father of the Namibian Nation by the SWAPO Congress and the Namibian people. Nujoma’s son Utoni became Deputy Minister of Justice after having been elected to the Central Committee and Politburo of SWAPO in November 2007. Nujoma’s mother, Kuku Helvi-Mpingana Kondombombolo died in November 2008 at a reported age of more than 100 years old.

Even after retiring from his former political roles, Nujoma is still politically active and campaigns regularly for SWAPO across Namibia.

Together with his larger-than-life personality, Nujoma has numerous respectable accolades, including a Doctorate honoris causa in Public Management from Polytechnic of Namibia in 2005 and obtained his Master’s degree in Geology at the University of Namibia in 2009. In 2004 he received the Cheetah Conservation Fund’s Lifetime Conservation Award. Other notable awards include the Lenin Peace Prize in 1968, the November Medal Prize in 1978, the Frederick Joliot Curie Gold Medal in 1980, the Namibia Freedom Award from California State University in 1980, as well as an honorary doctorate from Ahmadu Bello University in Nigeria.

Nujoma married Kovambo Theopoldine Katjimune in 1956 and has five children.

Useful Tips for Camping in Uganda

Camping in Uganda

Picture your Tent Pole breaking on you while Camping, and having to find makeshift equipment and pieces to patch it together. Camping, whether for a first-timer or frequent Camper can be scary and intimidating. Simply analyzing all the important requirements from what type of tent, camping tools and sleeping bag can be an enormous task. However, going through our useful tips for camping will help in reducing mistakes.

Select the perfect Camping gear for first-timers

As a first-time camper, it is always advisable to purchase Camping gear that makes you comfortable yet it is always overwhelming to make this decision. The essentials for any Camping trip include the Tent, headlamp and lanterns, Camp stove, a sleeping pad, a sleeping bag, Camp chairs, and Camp wear.

Be prepared for any bad weather

Whether your Uganda camping safari is in the traditional dry or wet season, it is always important to plan for any bad weather. For this reason, make sure to have packed warm layers (warm sweater, long sleeved shirts, and safari pants), an insect repellant, a safari hat, rainproof clothing, sunglasses for sun protection, gardening gloves, and many others.

Make sure your activities are planned in advance

Depending on which area you plan to Camp, it is important to first check out some of the activities you can undertake before leaving home. If Murchison falls National Park is your Camping destination, then you would consider taking part in game drives, nature/bush walks, bird watching, visit to the top of the falls, boat cruises and community walks.

Avoid pitching your Tent under a tree

While some travelers love it for the wonderful shade and photography opportunity, it is not advisable to pitch up your tent under a tree because of the numerous dangers associated with it. This can become a serious hazard during high winds, when branches fall off hence causing damage to the Tent or injuries. Also, nothing annoys like having to clean up bird droppings or tree sap off your Tent each morning.

Camping not too far from a water source if backpacking

Camp close to a River or Lake will be wonderful for gathering water for doing dishes, laundry, showering and even cooking, but first make sure the water is filtered or properly boiled before using it. However, make sure the tent is within a safe distance (at least 60 meters from the water source) and a raised surface for avoided coldness or any chance of flooding.

Don’t forget a basic first aid kit

Camping means being in the wilderness or Jungle, and therefore it is advisable to be prepared for whatever comes your way by carrying a basic first aid kit. You will need some plasters, bandages, antiseptic, Ibuprofen, and others. One thing you need to know is that accidents are common during Camping hence having the basics for cleaning and bandaging a wound would go a long away.

Practice setting your Tent while at home

You wouldn’t want last minute disappointment in the wilderness and therefore, another useful tip for Camping is practicing how to set up your tent while you are still at home. While the manual might indicate that setting takes 10 or 15 minutes, you will be surprised how difficult it becomes when you are out in the wilderness. Therefore, use your back yard or living room to practice to avoid last-minute disappointment.

Prepare campfire-friendly foods ahead of time

Camping doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy a proper meal and this doesn’t mean you need a big kitchen. For this reason, you are free to pack some baked beans, rice, chicken, beef, Irish potatoes, and others but make sure that it is planned in advance. For instance, if you intend to enjoy beef kabobs, It is important to have it all set ahead of time to make preparation easier during Camping.

Make use of Campsite amenities

It will interest you to know that some Campsites in Uganda provide amenities like clean restrooms, showers, a level ground for pitching your tent, Wi-Fi and fire pits among others. Just make use of these amenities for your comfort hence less stress during your trip.

Carry some games of any other kind of entertainment

Most times, Camping is accompanied by hiking the nearby hills, swimming if the Campsite is close to water (like Lake Bunyonyi) but don’t forget that it is also possible to have a downtime during Camping and for this reason, carry some games to fill up the gaps. You can pack some cards, board games and entertainment during Campfires.

A Gorilla Trekking Expedition in Africa

Bwindi Mountain Gorilla

If you want to do something different this summer, you should consider going to Rwanda or Uganda and spending some time with the mountain gorillas on some awesome gorilla trekking tour, into Africa. Trekking the mountain gorillas in the wild impenetrable forest of Bwindi in southwestern Uganda can be a great experience for anyone who loves wildlife! Go ahead, get out, and unwind at an excellent nice vacation.

Many travelers wonder about where to go for an African safari of a lifetime! Many opt to go for a big five safari while others wish to go out and enjoy a wildlife safari in a national park. Did you know you could possess a great set of time, choose a holiday that becomes you? What do you want to do incisively? If you like to go to a lodge or a resort and enjoy a lodge safari, it is an awesome way to get more involved with your family. If you wish to have a sound time, pick something that fits your style. A pleasant discovery expedition into the jungle is one of the greatest things you have ever thought about. If you wish to travel in style, then you should definitely consider taking a gorilla safari into the wild jungles of Africa.

For primate lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, an awesome gorilla tour is one that involves gorilla tracking and game viewing for instances game viewing at Queen Elizabeth National Park and gorilla tours in Bwindi National Park for Uganda and in case your interest is only a gorilla tour, you would get an awesome experience with a minimum of 3 days tracking in Uganda and a minimum of 2 days for tracking in Rwanda. The reason is, it is a shorter driver from Kigali in Rwanda to Parc National Des Volcanoes which is a maximum of 3 hours drive and yet it takes about 8 to 10 hours drive from Kampala the capital city of Uganda to Bwindi National Park and thus, the gorilla experience in Uganda cannot be 2 days.

While planning your gorilla tour, also consider the fact that a gorilla permit in Rwanda costs USD 750 per permit while in Uganda it costs USD 500 per permit, although from feedback on these journeys, whether you are driving for 3 hours or 10 hours, you will wish you never get to your destination because of the diversity of scenery on the way to the destination. The journey to Parc National des Volcans goes through the continuous hills of Rwanda best known by its catch name of; a country with a thousand hills and you can head to the park after a visit to the genocide memorial center at Gisozi which showcases genocide victims.

While the journey to Bwindi Impenetrable National park or Mgahinga Gorilla Park goes through a mix of homesteads, grasslands to include Lake Mburo National Park, and pastoral areas and towards the end, the rolling hills of Kigezi, and area dubbed to be the Switzerland of Africa, and also a stop at the Equator for photography as well as an informative talk. Irrespective of how you head out on your gorilla tour, you will never come back the same person as you went.

If you want to make sure you are safe at night, a great hotel or some quality tent gear is essential. Go ahead, don’t grant anybody stop you – camping can be such a big experience.

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