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Sunday 26 April 2015


The world is coming to meet Africa, as


 Africa unites for the continent's biggest


export import event.



785 exhibitors from 32 countries • 14 659 visitors from 54 countries



The FUTURE OF TRADE AFRICA 2013 has joined forces with the BRICS AFRICA EXPORT IMPORT FORUM which will run alongside SAITEX (Southern African International Trade Exhibition) on July 2013 at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa.



Future of Trade Africa 2013


Enhancing Trade Exponentially Between Africa and the World 






This event has as its main objective to identify, showcase and network the most progressive organisations, products and services that will spearhead the future economic growth across Sub-Saharan Africa.


Africa is not a country – it’s a continent.

A continent with 46 unique political, economic and social environments, a myriad of languages and seeming never-ending reams of regulations and red tape. In an environment like this, you absolutely need to engage with local knowledge, local partners and stakeholders to learn from their experience.


The Future of Trade Africa is all about learning HOW to do business in Africa. It is a Commerce Exchange and Business Matchmaking platform and conference on how to succeed in Africa. This is the first serious Commerce Exchange and Business Matchmaking platform for Africa that will pave the way for ongoing growth for all the stakeholders that register and attend this historic launch event.


Why attend?

  • If you want to expand into Africa and you’re looking for strong local and international partners
  • If you are currently active in Africa looking for networking and growth opportunities
  • If you are an investor looking for local (African) skill & knowledge to invest in or attribute to
  • In short, if you are serious about growing your business in Africa, then you need to attend



July 2013



Register and Attend:

  • if you want to expand into Africa and you’re looking for strong local and international partners;
  • if you are currently active in Africa looking for networking and growth opportunities; or
  • if you’re an investor looking for local (African) skills and knowledge to invest in or contribute to.


In short, if you are serious about growing your business in Africa, then you need to be there… 





The BRICS Africa Export Import Forum serves Exhibitors as the Enabling Service Industry to engage and do business with the Best of Africa Exporter and Importer industry. With over 15 000 trade visitors as exporters and importers in 2011, and 18 000 anticipated 2012, the Forum presents the most internationally visited trade event in Africa.


BRICS Africa Export Import Forum


Three streams will be presented. These are conveniently located from purpose built soundproofed auditoriums in Hall 1. As event development complements these address BRICS Country Business Opportunities, Developing Business in Africa and a series of Export Import Workshops.


1. A Programme of Intra BRICS country Opportunity Presentations. The Programme is being developed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industries – Johannesburg in conjunction with BRIC Embassies / High Commissions, Trade Consuls and leading consultants. Each Country presentation comprises a series of four forty five minute presentations and is aligned to: 

  • Ease of Conducting Business with that Country
  • Investment Opportunities in that country
  • Export Opportunities from that country
  • Import Opportunities into that country


    2. Future of Trade Africa:

    • Keynote Speakers – “How to do business in Africa”
    • Best of Africa Exporters – “How we made it in Africa” case studies
    • Headline Speakers – “Future of Trade on Africa”
    • World Trade Centers on the continent – “New Commitment, New Support, new Business”
    • Pan African Chambers of Commerce and Industry – “Open for Business”
    • Africa - The Good News – “How SME Entrepreneurs are Driving Africa’s Growth”


    3. A Programme of Educational Workshops convened by the International Trade Institute of Southern Africa (ITRISA)




    The exhibitor, conference and matchmaking profile for the BRICS and Future of Trade event which takes place in Hall 1 includes the following industry segments.  


    Proudly African (Inter-Africa Trade)


    Top Companies, Products and Brands from Africa for Africa


    Integrated within the African country pavilions are the leading companies from Africa that have the products, skills and experience to spearhead Africa’s rapid growth in the following key industries: Agribusiness, Food, Beverage, Health products, Hospitality supplies, Tourism, Retail and Franchising. Africa’s local capabilities in these industry and trade will be showcased and networked with new potential partners and opportunities across the continent. Africa’s inter-trade statistics are at an unacceptable low of around 11% of total trade compared to Europe’s inter-trade levels of around 70%. Growing Inter-Africa trade and expertise is one the key objectives of Future of Trade Africa 2012, as the opportunities are massive and fundamental to the sustainable growth of the continent.




    Logistics, Finance and Security (Enabling Trade and Investment)


    The Enablers of Trade and Investment  


    The surrounding stands will focus on the enablers of trade, which are the finance, security, logistics, materials handling and supply chain companies. This will include Air, Sea, Rail & Road freight, Couriers, Freight Forwarding, Supply Chain, Warehousing, Materials Handling, Packaging, Training, Security, Banking, Finance, Legal, Customs and Technology. 




    Grow Africa (Education and Skills & Technology Transfer)


    Skills & Technology Transfer, Education and SME Development 


    International partnerships in trade and industry as a key driving force behind SME development.The focus areas are entrepreneurship, small to medium enterprise development and job creation through an ongoing transfer of skills, technology, training and community development from both an International and Inter-African perspective.











    The objectives of Future of Trade Africa 2013 are as follows:
    • To enhance trade within Africa and the world exponentially
    • Unveil African projects and business opportunities
    • Engage in Business Matchmaking with individuals from around the world
    • Educate and inspire businesses to develop new export markets
    • Allow exhibitors to showcase their products and services to an African and international audience in order to grow their business and form new partnerships.
    • Finalise profitable deals between Africa and the world stimulating economic growth.




    Business Matchmaking:


    The networking you will engage in is not simply swopping business cards. The focus is on long-term Business Matchmaking. Within hall 1 there will be a dedicated VIP match making and hospitality lounge allowing you three days of highly focused meetings organised by the World Trade Center Africa Initiative Business Matchmaking Specialist Team.



    Visitor Profile


    All businesses that are looking for opportunities in the areas of trade and investment and those requiring the knowledge and contacts to expand into Africa and abroad. Visitors will be exposed to major agents, distributors, exporters and importers, key decision-makers, leading buyers, Trade Associations & Chambers and their members, industrial leaders and influential business people with well established infrastructures and trade networks throughout Africa and the world, plus well positioned government officials. The African attendance is unmatched in the industry allowing for real business and deal making to happen.




    Future of Trade in Print, Online & Television



    The prestigious Best of South Africa Vol 7 (Trade and Industry edition) and Diplomat Africa Magazine are the official publications for Future of Trade and will distributed to all the VIP's at this mega event as well as all the international commerce exchange events during the next 12 months. 



    The TOP EXPORT PRODUCTS and SERVICES catalogue will also be an e-Catalogue on ,, as well as many other export promotional agencies and World Trade Center websites around the world.  



    CNBC Africa will have live feed and camera crew at the event for live broadcasting across Africa




    Future of Trade News


    Proudly bought to you by:








    The purpose of a World Trade Center is to meet the local and international business needs of the region it serves. It supports business and government agencies involved in trade development, stimulating the economy of the respective region of location. It is the focal point for local and foreign trade in a city or region and gives companies of all sizes a platform to gain access to international markets.


    International Commerce Exchange (The world is coming to Africa)


    The race is on to identify, showcase and network the most progressive international organisations, products and services that will spearhead the future economic growth across Sub-Saharan Africa. World Trade Centers, Chambers of Commerce and Trade, Industry and Tourism promotion agencies from around the globe are gearing up with business leaders from their regions to engage in dual country commerce exchanges with Africa.  Future of Trade Africa 2013 will see the launch of a series of International commerce exchanges.






    1.       Chambre Algérienne de Commerce et d'Industrie

    2.       Camara de Comercio e Industria de Angola

    3.       Chambre de Commerce and d’Industrie du Bénin

    4.       Botswana Confederation of Commerce Industry and Manpower

    5.       Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie du Burkina Faso

    6.       Chambre Fédérale de Commerce et d’Industrie du Burundi

    7.       Union des Chambres de Commerce d’Industrie et d’Agriculture Comores

    8.       Chambre de Commerce, d'Industrie, d'Agriculture et des Metiers de Brazzaville

    9.       Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie Inde-Congo

    10.     Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations

    11.     Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    12.     Ghana National Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    13.     Chamber de Commerce, d'Industrie et d'Artisanat de Guinée

    14.     The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    15.     Lesotho chamber of commerce  and Industry

    16.     The Liberia Chamber of Commerce

    17.     General Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in the Arab peoples Republic of Libya

    18.     Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie d’Antananarivo

    19.     Malawi Confederation of Chambers Commerce and Industry

    20.     Fédération des Chambres Marocaines de Commerce, d’Industrie et de Services

    21.     Camara de Comercio de Mocambique

    22.     Namibia Chamber of and Industry

    23.     Chambre de Commerce, d’Industrie et d’Artisanat du Niger

    24.     Nigerian Association of Chamber of Commerce Industry Mines and Agriculture

    25.     Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industriy

    26.     The Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture 

    27.     Somaliland Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture

    28.     South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    29.     Sudanese Businessmen & Employers Federation

    30.     The Federation of Swaziland Employers and Chamber of Commerce

    31.     Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture

    32.     Chambre de Commerce and d’Industrie du Togo

    33.     Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    34.     Zambia Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry

    35.     Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce



    World Trade Center Association 


    A World Trade Center is the time-tested shopping center concept applied to international business. It complements and supports the existing services of private and government agencies involved in trade. The primary goal of any World Trade Center is to bring together under one roof the businesses and agencies involved in international commerce and provide them with the services they need to be successful.




    Many of these groups do business with one another on a regular basis, and this activity is greatly facilitated when a meeting is just an elevator ride away. Together, this concentration of trade-related agencies acts as a major attraction for business visitors from the region and elsewhere. They know when they call on a World Trade Center that they will be able to contact many prospective business partners in one location.




    In addition, the central management of each World Trade Center organizes a variety of trade information, trade education, exhibitions, trade missions and similar programs for their clientele to enhance their World Trade Center experience. Through the WTCA, each World Trade Center becomes a branch office for all the others. This concept is passed along to all the businesses affiliated with World Trade Centers, making membership in any individual center an entree to a worldwide business community.




    Some World Trade Centers get started by providingonly the trade services component of a World TradeCenter, which is in itself an important contribution toa region’s international business community. The successand visibility of these operations can lead to partnershipswith real estate and other organizations thatcomplete the World Trade Center by providing officespace for world trade and related activities.




    Whether it offers world trade services only or services with specialized real estate, a World Trade Center can be a powerful engine for economic development in any region. For this reason, many members of the WTCA are port, chamber or similar entities that develop World Trade Centers to promote international business in their respective jurisdictions.








    Global Village Africa is Africa’s premier platform for showcasing and networking governments, leading companies and entrepreneurs in business, tourism and Best of series’ books crisply profile leading companies and innovators, as leaders within their genre. We celebrate the success of countries, individuals and companies with ‘the good news’ editorial and pictorial imagery in the highest quality print format available. We brand and build the image of the world’s most exciting economic regions to affect a change in the perception of a continent, a nation, a city and its people by the rest of the world.   

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    Diplomat Africa Vol 003


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    World Trade Centers Association Publications

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