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Sunday 24 May 2015

One of SA's Top 300

Berco Express

Winner of numerous prestigious awards, including being one of South Africa’s Top 300 National Companies, Berco Express offers a complete range of domestic and international courier and logistic services throughout its 14 branches.

Berco Express South Africa


Berco Express

Phenomenal Success

Acknowledged as the provider of quality services to industry for all consignments including high-value, time-sensitive shipments, Berco Express has grown in a time span of 18 years to become one of the largest and most highly respected courier companies in South Africa. This has been achieved through the mutual commitment and loyalty of their extensive customer base, which includes many of South Africa’s blue-chip companies.


The natural progression of Berco Express’s phenomenal success has seen them now providing and perfecting the complete range of logistic services which includes clearing and forwarding, warehousing, pick and pack and distribution. The Berco mantra of constant never-ending improvement sees Berco continually striving to add value to customers, helping them achieve competitive advantages through supply chain optimisation.


A team of highly qualified Business Development Managers and system analysts investigate a client’s requirements and are then able to tailor a solution accordingly. The main objective is to give Berco customers increased revenue opportunities, improved cost control and more positive cash flows.


Berco has a unique ‘strengths’ based culture in which it seeks to identify and then match the talents, strengths and aspirations of each employee to the needs of the business. Although their benchmark is excellence in all things, their thinking and attitude is entrepreneurial and informal.


Berco Express    

Left to right: Stuart Maxwell, Andy van der Velde, JB Joubert, Bernie Cox

Fast Facts

1. Over the last 30 years, The Berco Group has created over 10 000 permanent new employment positions in the economy

2. 80% of those jobs are occupied by previously disadvantaged individuals

3. In 2008 received an award as one of South Africa’s Top 300 National Companies for its contribution to the growth of the

   economy and job creation

4. Committed to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE)


Company Information Statistics / Demographics / History

Year founded: 1992

Founding members: Bernard E Cox, JB Joubert

Employees: 860

Business and Finance Turnover: >R350-million

Financial year-end: 28 February

Market share: ±20%

Holding company: Berco Investments (Pty) Ltd

Bank: Absa

Accountants: Deloitte & Touche

Customer base: >5 000 active clients


Major accounts: Provides services to many of South Africa’s top blue-chip organisations; during the last three years growth has come not only from attracting new clients but also from implementing a broader range of logistic offerings to many key customers.


Nature of Business Activity: Domestic and international courier, warehousing, clearing and forwarding services including air and sea freight.