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Wednesday 30 July 2014

Welcome to Rwanda

 Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda

Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda


Rwanda Flag

Flag of Rwanda

Discover Rwanda

Wake up to a golden glow in the sky, mountains unveiling their mists, the air sweet and cool as it brushes your cheeks. Walk through a primeval forest bathed in green, thrill to the sight of that rarest of beasts, the mountain gorilla, look into the eyes and look into yourself. You're here, you are in Rwanda and you¹ve discovered a new African dawn. Discover a new place, a new adventure, new friends and unimaginable beauty.

Fast Facts




Official Languages:

Kinyarwanda, French, English


Government Republic:

President: Paul Kagame
Prime Minister: Pierre Habumuremyi



Total 26,338 km



July 2010 - 10,746,311

July 2013 - 12,012,589



2009 estimate - $11.260 billion

   - Per capita $1,148

2013 estimate - $16.937 billion

   - Per capita $1,592



Rwandan franc (RWF)

International Dialling Code:



Main Exports:

Coffee, tea, hides, tin ore

Coat of Arms

Rwanda Coat of Arms

Rwanda News


Best of Rwanda - Volume 1

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Best of Rwanda - Volume 1


Rebuilding Rwanda


Rwanda today is a nation renascent, a country in an advanced stage of rehabilitation, and one looking to a brighter future. The high level of political stability and peace since 1995 has encouraged the repatriation of millions of refugees, while the main instigators of the genocide are being tried at the Arusha Tribunal in Tanzania and in the Gacaca courts in Rwanda. The victims of the genocide have been laid to rest in mass graves whose frank austerity affirms the government's ability to openly confront the recent past without extracting undue political mileage from its role in ending the genocide.


The major markets for Rwandan exports are Belgium, Germany, and People's Republic of China. In April 2007, an investment and trade agreement, four years in the making, was worked out between Belgium and Rwanda. Belgium contributes €25-35 million per year to Rwanda.Belgian co-operation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry continues to develop and rebuild agricultural practices in the country. It has distributed agricultural tools and seed to help rebuild the country. Belgium also helped in re-launching fisheries in Lake Kivu, at a value of US$470,000, in 2001.


In Eastern Rwanda, The Clinton Hunter Development Initiative, along with Partners in Health, are helping to improve agricultural productivity, improve water and sanitation and health services, and help cultivate international markets for agricultural products. Since 2000, the Rwandan government has expressed interest in transforming the country from agricultural subsistence to a knowledge-based economy, and plans to provide high-speed broadband across the entire country.

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