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Saturday 25 April 2015



Siginon Freight Ltd (SFL) is a leading logistics and transportation company in the region with various business units that include Kencont CFS, a transport division, clearing, forwarding and warehousing, Transworld Shipping, and ground handling services through the World Cargo Alliance (WCA).

Siginon Freight Ltd Kenya

The Siginon Cargo Centre Division

Siginon is an ISO-certified company serving various countries in the world through its World Cargo Alliance (WCA) network. Siginon will be celebrating 25 years of existence next year, having been set up in 1985. It started from a humble clearing and forwarding firm with three staff members to its current state of being one of the market leaders in logistics and transportation, employing directly 258 employees. With its head office in Mombasa, the gateway to the eastern Africa region, and branches in Nairobi and Eldoret, Siginon boasts being strategically located in a hub of logistics both in sea and air cargo.


From a clearing and forwarding company, Siginon has over the years grown and expanded into fulltime logistics and transportation. Today their business is spread into the following fields; The Siginon Transport Division, with a modern fleet of over 70 trucks, is run by professional staff and backed by tracking systems that ensure clients’ cargo is safe and delivered within the specified time. Siginon upholds integrity, working within the required rules and regulations of the law of the Best of Kenya 129 particular country being served. Siginon boasts a three-year fatal accident-free record and endeavours to uphold this in the future.

The Siginon Clearing, Forwarding and Warehousing Division

The Siginon Cargo Centre Division is one of the four licensed transit sheds in Kenya, and the only one with locations both at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and Eldoret International Airport. Cargo Centres offer airlines/planes cargo ground handling/ warehousing services. With the world being what it is today, security and safety are paramount to the airlines. Siginon has therefore ensured full compliance in these areas.


The Siginon Clearing, Forwarding and Warehousing Division is the division charged with the responsibilities of providing logistics solutions to their customers through warehousing, clearing and forwarding. SFL offers both sea and air freight clearance. With 24 years of experience, they have been in the forefront in giving personalised, friendly yet efficient services to their customers. SFL will give its customers the professional guidance having worked closely with KRA Customs over the years, and nurtured a professional relationship.


Their customers range from major importers and exporters in both the sea and air sectors, to the small businessman in this field. Kencont Logistics, a fully-owned Siginon company, provides Container Freight Station (CFS) logistics, handling vehicles, and, more recently, containers imported into the country. CFS act on behalf of the Kenya Ports Authority. Their proximity to the port (2.5km) has led to faster turnaround of cargo and safety and zero security incidence over the last five years, making them the CFS of choice. In 2008 they handled 8,000 units of cars through their car terminal port.



Transworld Shipping, a subsidiary of Siginon, deals with all sea shippingrelated matters. The Company’s mission is to be the best provider of logistics solutions to their esteemed customers’ satisfaction, using the latest technology, through a highly motivated professional staff. Their values revolve around customer service, integrity, quality and a safety culture.


Here every employee is expected to exhibit high standards of integrity and professionalism. The Company believes in upholding very high standards of morality, honesty, sincerity and openness. They promote and operate within a culture of transparency, honesty and respect for and upholding the laws of this country. The Company always endeavours to proactively ensure a safe and clean environment and, under corporate social responsibility (CSR), Siginon remains a socially responsible and ethical corporate citizen and supports the community in its development activities.


Being a logistics company Siginon’s services are spread globally, working with agents in various countries. Their service delivery footprint is found in Europe, the Middle East, America, Africa, Australia and the Far East and she is a member of WCA, hence its global presence through various agencies that enable the picking up of cargo from anywhere in the world into the East African and Great Lakes region. Locally, Siginon covers the East Africa and the Great Lakes region.

Giant of Logistics and Transportation

Over the last 24 years, Siginon has evolved from a small clearing and forwarding firm to a giant within the logistics and transportation industry. This growth has been phenomenal. Siginon’s business ethics and practices have been the cornerstone of this outstanding growth and success. In an industry dogged by corruption, Siginon has upheld integrity and received commendations to this end from law enforcement agencies like the Police Department.


It has been the envy of the industry in terms of skills, competencies and commitments in discharging their duties. Technologically, they have continuously invested in the latest and most relevant technology, putting them a step ahead of the best competition. Knowing well that good businesses thrive from continuous investment, Siginon plans to invest an extra KSh1 billion in 2009 towards business expansion and growth strategy, over and above the more than KSh3.8 billion already invested. The return on investment in all their business lines has been at approximately 25% over the last 5 years.


Siginon has had a number of milestones marking part of their success. They range from the Sondu Miriu Hydroelectric Project, where they provided the logistics services to the main contractors in ensuring the project was completed within the schedule time, to the Mombasa Road, part of the Northern Corridor, in which they provided the main contractor on the road with all the logistics services. They have also scooped the Lafarge Safety Award, in the Safety on the Road Category. Under CSR, Siginon has an education scholarship that takes seven children from a poor background in the Coast region through high school.