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Tuesday 21 April 2015

The Brick


The brick – basic building block of the home and the nation – is produced by the tens of millions every year at Lobatse Clay Works, 70km south of Gaborone.




Lobatse Clay Works, Botswana

Manufacturers of High Quality Face Bricks & Pavers

High quality clay bricks and pavers from the company’s kilns have been helping to build Botswana since 1992. Drawn from fine local clays, they are moulded and fired around the clock, then trucked and railed to construction sites all over the country.


Burnt clay bricks have been used for centuries and remain a natural and popular construction choice. Their earthy good looks, rich variety of colours and textures, strength, durability, versatility and resistance to fire make them an economical maintenance-free building option.


Lobatse Clay Works, Botswana’s leading manufacturer, produces a wide range of face bricks, standard and special shaped bricks and pavers, to meet any building requirement.


The company’s products are built into homes, offices, factories, schools, hospitals and public buildings across the country.



Skilled hands, trained eyes and experience are moulded into every brick. The up-to-date manufacturing process is closely monitored and quality controlled to ensure first-rate products that conform fully to the demanding specifications of the Botswana Bureau of Standards (BOBS 28) and the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS 227).


Each batch of bricks emerging from the kiln is subjected to quality sampling in the company’s laboratory, including testing for porosity and strength.


Wholly citizen owned through the Botswana Development Corporation, Lobatse Clay Works is a vibrant, profitable enterprise that is making its full contribution to the economy, and remains firmly committed to its mission of ‘Building Botswana - Brick by Brick’.


The company is very much part of the Lobatse community and is committed to continuing to be a progressive employer and a supportive and generous neighbour in the area in which it operates.


New ways, new products

The installation in the kilns of sophisticated new burner equipment from Italy made possible the development of new brick types with a pleasing pale ‘cream’ look that have been very well received in the market. The advanced burner technology enables precise heat management and even firing as the bricks pass through the kiln, resulting in a better finished product.


Increased productivity, consistent quality, concerted marketing and attention to customer service have combined to significantly increase sales and revenues. The company is also energetically exploring export opportunities.



With the pace of construction likely to continue in the future, Lobatse Clay Works is planning to step up its output considerably by installing a second production line in the Lobatse plant.


Also in prospect is the building of a smaller plant at Mmamabula, north of Gaborone, where the clays are rich in silica and aluminium oxide, which when fired under high and steady heat produce the pale colours that add such attractive variety to the rich terracottas and browns of the Woodhall clay beds in Lobatse.